Personal change and growth can be a process that is difficult and sometimes even painful. But the benefits can lead to greater peace and fulfillment for the ongoing journey we are each on.

My role is to help others feel empowered to transform their lives and continue forward on their journey with an improved sense of well-being.

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Out of Darkness

The lotus flower has been considered a symbol of rebirth, retreating into the darkness at night, and re-emerging in full bloom when daylight returns. Sometimes we must go through the darkness in order to realize our full potential.

Counseling can be a mysterious, uncomfortable, and at times, a scary experience. It is my goal to create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and empathic environment that allows clients to bloom from out of their darkness.


From Broken to Beautiful

Through the process of healing, the difficult experiences we overcome transform into gold and fill our broken cracks, ultimately shaping our lives into something more beautiful. 

Some moments bring us joy and peace, while others bring us agony and despair. As we move through these moments, they become a part of us. Everything that we are, and all that we will become, emerges from each facet of our being. Through counseling, integration of these experiences can lead to a feeling of wholeness.